Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby gorilla Ndeze rescued after slaughter

Some better news this morning after yesterday's horrible post about the senseless murder of four adult Mountain Gorillas. reports that a 5-month old baby gorilla was discovered roaming alone in the undergrowth after losing its mother to the killings.
The baby gorilla, named Ndeze, was badly dehydrated but otherwise fine, the rangers reported. She was taken to the nearby city of Goma, where the young ape will be looked after at the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project.

Ndeze was born on February 17 from now dead mother Safari bringing the Rugenge family to 12 gorillas. Another female in the group is expected to give birth.
We've mentioned Ndeze before on the site, because Paulin Ngobobo's Gorilla Protection blog has covered the baby's life since his birth and has published some great photos of the infant.

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