Tuesday, June 13, 2006

THREE GORGES DAM - Three Gorges Activist Beaten Up

The BBC is one of many news sites reporting on the savage beating of an anti-Three Gorges Dam activist, shortly after he was called in by the police to discuss an interview he made on German television.
Fu Xiancai was seriously injured last week after meeting Public Security Bureau officials in Hubei province, US-based Human Rights in China said.

He is now in hospital with a broken neck and is paralysed from the shoulders down, the group said.

Mr Fu has highlighted the plight of people moved to make way for the dam.

Human Rights in China said the attack occurred shortly after Mr Fu was summoned to the Public Security Bureau to discuss an interview he gave to a German TV station about the dam.
Phillip, over at the best Google-watch blog Google Blogoscoped also picks up the story, and puts a spin on it in light of the recent censorship wranglings.
Search for the Chinese name of the Dam and you’ll find Google agreed to partly censor the results in China – the same is true searching for “Fu Xiancai”. Apparently, the Chinese government is afraid of criticism and tries to influence whoever it can in their censorship efforts. Based on government requests, sites like HRIChina.org who now report on Fu Xiancai have been completely removed by Google China.