Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BAIJI DOLPHINS - Last Chance For China's Dolphin

The BBC has an article on the plan put forward to locate any remaining Baiji Dolphins in the river Yangtze and protect them by relocating them to a lake.
Zoologists have developed a plan to save the Yangtze River dolphin, probably the world's most endangered mammal, from extinction.

They hope to take some dolphins from the Yangtze and rear them in a nearby lake, protected from fishermen.
The rescue plan speaks of conducting five dolphin capture operations in the Yangtze within the next three years "...in order to establish a viable ex-situ breeding population of baiji at Tian-e-Zhou before the Yangtze population undergoes a further decline or becomes extinct".

The long-term plan would be to re-introduce them to the Yangtze, but only when the prospects of them thriving there have risen.
Full Story at the BBC

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