Thursday, June 15, 2006

BLUE FOOTED BOOBIES - In Darwin's Footsteps

A MARVELLOUS article by freelance writer Jim Duffy in the John Hopkins Magazine. Super photos and descriptions of Blue Footed Boobies behaviour abound - In Darwin's Footsteps
Charlie Stine, SPH '76 (PhD), A&S '83 (MA), dreamed for decades of making a pilgrimage to the Galápagos Islands. What does an ecologist look for when he finally gets the chance to make that dream a reality?
Read Jim Duffy's article at John Hopkins Magazine site - In Darwin's Footsteps
The blue-footed booby is famous mostly for being goofy. That's what gets the bird so many star turns in coffee- table books. It's got crazy-hued feet. It's got goggle eyes. It waddles like a weeble. Then it fuses all that goofiness together in an endearing mating dance that has the male of the species aiming his beak skyward while rocking first on one foot and then the other while offering a precious twig in tribute to the object of his carnal desire.