Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MAURITIUS - Google Earth 4

Javed Mandary of Port-Louis, Mauritius reports on his blog that Google Earth 4 now includes Street level detail of Mauritius, home of the Mauritius Kestrel and Pink Pigeon. The ability to Geo-Tag your photos with in Google's Picasa 2 is a very cool new feature too.

Rodrigues Island off to the east is in pretty high resolution too. Just a bit more and perhaps we could see Rodrigues Fruitbats in flight...? Maybe one day.

I am in the midst of preparing a special Another Chance To See Google Earth file of all these Last Chance To See related places. It should contain handy placemarks for all the locations that Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine visited on their search for endangered animals such as Mountain Gorilla, Baiji Dolphin, Kakapo Parrots and all the others. I hope to have the file ready for download soon. Stay tuned.

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