Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NORTHERN WHITE RHINOS - First rhino baby conceived by artificial insemination has died

Dreadful news from Budapest Zoo about Lulu, the Northern White Rhino that was successfully impregnated via artificial insemination some 16 months ago. On August 9th Lulu suffered from uterine bleedings, and unfortunately the calf she was carrying died, a mere 12 hours before birth. Very very sad day. The full report can be read at the Innovations Report website.
The first rhino ever conceived by artificial insemination has died in the womb a few hours before its birth. The death occurred on August 9 in the Budapest Zoo. The mother of the unborn rhino, Lulu (aged 25), had suffered from uterine bleedings. The reason for the complication was presumably a partial separation of the placenta 12 hours prior to birth, says scientist Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt of the Berlin-based Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW). He and his colleagues from the IZW had developed the method for artificial insemination of rhinos. Unfortunately, this type of birth-complication is quite common, says Dr. Hildebrandt. According to the scientist, the artificial insemination had nothing to do with the misscariage. Hildebrandt: "The 16 months long pregnancy was monitored by ultrasound and appeared to be normal."


Anonymous said...

I've never mentioned it before, but I have to say that I really admire your dedication to the conservation issue.

Gareth said...

Thank you Avatar. Nice to see you dropping by again.