Thursday, August 18, 2005

ENDANGERED ANIMALS - Web trade threat to rare species

The BBC has news on the threat that e-commerce poses to endangered animals. Body parts of like Gorillas, Chimps, Turtles, Tigers and Rhinos were found to be common place.
The illegal trade in wild animal products over the internet is driving the world's most endangered species to extinction, wildlife campaigners claim.

An International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw) probe found 9,000 live animals or products for sale in one week on trading sites like eBay.

Ifaw claims many traders are taking advantage of the internet's anonymity.

The UK Government says it takes wildlife crime seriously, but Ifaw urged it to act urgently.

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Anonymous said...

hello, this really is an interesting site you have here. Yes, I realise Kakapos do breed Just a general comment, but I do take quite an interest in them - my sister is (hopefully) going to be able to work with them on Codfish (I think). Have you read 'Back from the Brink'? Both that and 'Richard Henry of Resolution Island' are fascinating books. All that effort just to have his attempts thwarted by pests and rodents