Sunday, August 28, 2005

DIAN FOSSEY - A profile of the Mountain Gorilla researcher

On Open Sesame, "Mrittika Sen profiles Dian Fossey, an anthropologist who lived and died for her work on the Mountain Gorilla."
When Dian Fossey arrived in Africa in 1963, she met up with Dr Louis Leaky, a renowned anthropologist who was an authority on the theory of human origins. She was determined to work with him on the psychology and behaviour of Mountain Gorillas but did not have adequate funds to do so. Leaky wanted her on the project and wanted to test her grit and commitment. He joked that if she wished to study the Mountain Gorillas of Africa, she would have to work without her appendix. Dian did not get the joke. She went back to US and without any ailment of the appendix, she had it removed.