Tuesday, August 09, 2005

LEMURS - New Lemur Species Discovered

National Geographic has this Photo in the News of a newly discovered species of Lemur.
You're a good man, Microcebus lehilahytsara—quite literally. The German and Madagascan scientists who discovered the new lemur species named it for U.S. lemur expert Steve Goodman ("lehilahytsara" is Malagasy for "good man"). They announced the discovery of this and another new lemur species today.
The two new primate species are rare finds, bringing the total number of known lemur species to 49—all of which occur naturally only on Madagascar or the nearby Comoros islands.
Gotta love Lemurs. For some reason, Google News are using them as an example of their custom Google News Feeds, which of course leads us to the BBC News article associated with the Lemur photo pictured by National Geographic.