Sunday, February 08, 2009

Struan Sutherland: Smartphone aids snakebits cures

Last Chance To See's entertaining venom specialist Struan Sutherland gets a mention in this article about new Smartphone technology which is helping in the work of the Australian Venom Research Unit.
Unit director Ken Winkel, a toxinologist, turned to smartphones to help the unit's field research.
"I can make notes, take photographs, record voice and store data on one little handheld telephone," Dr Winkel says.

"It is not like the big, chunky, old telephone or camera I used to have. I can do things quickly with mobility that I couldn't before."
Former director associate professor Struan Sutherland developed the funnelweb spider anti-venom, the pressure immobilisation technique as first-aid for snake bites, and the world's only snake venom protection kit.

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