Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kakapos Still Breeding

The Kakapo breeding season goes from strength to strength. Here's the latest update from volunteer nest minder, Deidre Mussen.
The egg tally is looking very healthy and has surged to 37 eggs for the season. Of those, 20 are currently fertile and seven are yet to be checked for fertility. The remaining 10 failed eggs have either been deemed infertile or have died early, much like a miscarriage in humans, plus Lisa's last egg dying days before hatching. Sadly, Ellie's first attempt at breeding has failed. She produced a tiny egg but it was found to be unviable. Also, one of Cyndy's three eggs suffered an early embryo death. But the good news is Bella has laid a second egg and nest minder Fiona Gordon was thrilled to discover this morning that Esperance had laid a third egg at some point since yesterday morning, a lovely 24th birthday present for Fiona yesterday. Both of Margaret-Maree's eggs are fertile, as are both Hananui's and one of Sue's three - the remaining two are yet to be checked.
Read more at the Kakapo Recovery Programme.

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