Friday, February 06, 2009

Butaan Lizard Poo Blunder

Leeds University has had to apologise to student Daniel Bennett, after it threw away his collection of rare Butaan Lizard excrement, just a few months before he was due to finish his PhD. BBC News has the story.
Daniel Bennett had been studying the butaan lizard for more than five years in the Philippines and was working towards a doctorate.

He had built up a large collection of faeces samples which were stored at Leeds University and then disposed of.
The 35kg (77lb) bag of excrement was thrown out during a clear-out in his lab.

The butaan is closely related to the Komodo dragon. One of the world's rarest reptiles, it was thought to be extinct for over 100 years.
As Stephen Fry would say - "Arse, poo and widdle!"

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