Friday, April 13, 2007

Stephen Fry: Last Chance To See TV series Official Site

This post is now out of date. Visit for real BBC site.

The official Iostar Last Chance To See TV series page is now available and makes exciting reading for fans of Douglas Adams, Stephen Fry, Hitchhikers and Last Chance To See. Marvellous! Can't wait!
This time it’s Stephen Fry at the helm with Carwardine, as they revisit the six featured endangered species and bring their stories right up to date.

From Madagascar to Mauritius, and from China to the Congo, the pair will be guided by the ethereal presence of Douglas Adams whose voice lives on, loud and clear in scene-setting audio. As they track down these extraordinary creatures, Mark and Stephen will explain the ecological pickle they are now in and encounter the often eccentric characters whose determination, 15 years later, is still all that stands between them and extinction.


Mosher said...

Oh. Wow. I guess it'll be out to buy on DVD by the time I get home! They'll get to Komodo before me - I'm having to skip it this time round as I've suddenly got a schedule to keep to. At least I've seen the Kakapo!

Choccy said...

wow, that's brilliant!

D.B. Echo said...

This is fantastic news!

And I'd like to think - well, it's probably true - that your efforts and enthusiasm over the past few years have helped push this from a wouldn't-it-be-neat-if-we-do-this idea to a let's-do-this idea! Hooray!

Moss B in SC said...

I hope this becomes available in the USA!

Anonymous said...

How come I've never heard of this? This is great! Will it be aired in Belgium? *crosses fingers*