Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Komodo Dragons: Parthenogenesis Babies Get New Home

The Wirral Globe has coverage of the new "Islands of Danger" exhibit at Chester Zoo which is the new home of Flora and her five remarkable "virgin birth" babies. The little Komodos were conceived in 2006 and hatched in January 2007 without a sperm contribution from any daddy dragons - a process called parthenogenesis. The babies are called Irwin, Herman, Indie, Bert and Ernie.
[They] have been moved from their off-show facilities in the Tropical Realm to a purpose-built enclosure in Islands in Danger.

It is the first time the siblings will have been seen by the public since they hatched and they will finally be under the same roof as mum Flora. Flora and her babies became an overnight star when it was revealed she had laid a clutch of eggs without ever being mixed with, or mated by, a male dragon.
Here's the link to the "Islands of Danger" exhibit page at the Chester Zoo website.
The idea for Islands in Danger was born early in 1998 and our dragons are joined by other rare island species including Red Birds of Paradise, Pheasant Pigeons, the St Lucia Amazon Parrot and the Socorro Dove, which is extinct in the wild.
To ensure that everyone gets a good view of the Komodos, hot rocks are positioned near to the public windows to encourage the animals to bask. The enclosure is heated via thermostatically controlled hot air system.

Previously people seldom have the opportunity to see and learn about such magnificent and awe-inspiring animals but now, thanks to Islands in Danger, they have a great opportunity to learn more about the impressive Komodo Dragon.

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