Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lulu's baby is named Layla!

's new baby has been named Layla after an internet vote selected the name which means "born at night" in Swahili.
The world's first baby rhino conceived through artificial insemination made her public debut at Budapest Zoo on Thursday and also received her new name, Layla.
Layla, who weighed 58 kilos when she was born at the end of January, has blossomed to 138-kilos on a diet of 20 litres of milk per day, zoo officials said.

The birth was the culmination of years of work by an international team of Hungarians, Germans and Austrians.

Layla has had to be hand-reared after her mother, Lulu, refused to nurse her. and Pakistans' Daily Times for more on this story.

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