Thursday, January 25, 2007

Video: Parrots, The Universe and Everything (again)

Renee in Ohio has transcribed the conclusion of Douglas Adams' "Parrots, The Universe and Everything" video speech that we posted about way back in January 2005.

The full 87 minute video can be viewed at UCTV-University of California Television, and Renee's partly transcribed text can be found over at the ePluribus Media Community. I've always loved the bit about the puddle...
I mean, there's no other conclusion you can come to. And it's rather like a puddle waking up one morning--I know they don't normally do this, but allow me, I'm a science fiction writer (laughter). A puddle wakes up one morning and thinks "Well, this is a very interesting world I find myself in. It fits me very neatly. In fact, it fits me so neatly, I mean, really precise, isn't it? (Laughter) It must have been made to have me in it!" And the sun rises, and he's continuing to narrate the story about this hole being made to have him in it. The sun rises, and gradually the puddle is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking, and by the time the puddle ceases to exist, it's still thinking, it's still trapped in this idea, that the hole was there for it. And if we think that the world is here for us, we will continue to destroy it in the way in which we have been destroying it, because we think we can do no harm.
Also, check out Renee's new Douglas Adams Tribute Page on Squidoo.

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