Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Chance To See: Upgrade in progress

I am in the process of upgrading Another Chance To See to the new version of Blogger. Please bear with me as I go through 700+ posts and and sort them with Blogger's new Label feature. This will replace the current hack that I have been using to categorize the posts. This process is sending the RSS feed a little screwy, but it should settle down in a day or two.

I've also used the Custom Domains option to make the new, easy to remember, address for the site. The old blogspot address will automatically forward to the new address, so any bookmarks or favourites will still work.


...Kat said...

and Congratulations on being recognized as
Noteworthy! I could have told them that long ago had they listened to me.

I recently made the move but now do not know (yet) how to edit my html template to add a photo to my header. oh well.....I guess it looks less fussy now!

Autoverzekering said...

Congratulations :D