Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kakapo Parrots: Rhino sex imbalance research could help kakapos

A very interesting story at the New Zealand Herald about endangered rhino research which could help solve the sex imbalance problems that other species such as the Kakapo Parrot face.
New Zealand conservation biologist Wayne Linklater is leading an international project testing a theory that high sugar levels in female black rhinos are the reason disproportionate numbers of males are being born.

The theory has been borne out in his earlier research into Kaimanawa wild horses, and Dr Linklater said it could be applied to other species, particularly those, such as the kakapo, in which the males breed more prolifically than females.

Dr Linklater said extreme male-biased births in captivity were common in many species, including zebras, gorillas and giraffes.
Full story at the New Zealand Herald.

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