Monday, August 28, 2006

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - Couple of Gorilla Trekker reports

Here's a couple more Mountain Gorilla trekkers who've posted their experiences online....

Roberta Leung at
Our first sighting of the family came even sooner than expected. Two male silverbacks approached us when we stopped to receive last-minute instructions from our guide. One stood about a metre ahead of me and even though we had been told to not return the gorilla's stare, I simply could not help myself.

I was overwhelmed by his magnificence and became very emotional as I watched him looking at me. I will always remember the intensity of his stare and the look on his face.
Jacinta Bowman at the Courier Mail...
No matter what scenarios my imagination conjured up that morning, nothing could have prepared me for the impact of being at close quarters with an adult male gorilla. Sitting quietly in a small clearing, he feasted on a sapling, stripping its branches of leaves and stuffing the wads of foliage into his mouth with a contented grunt. His jet-black leathery skin and thick coarse hair were a stark contrast to the gentle green of the forest. With a huge potbelly he looked more jungle buddha than beast.

I held my breath as his massive chest rose. He lifted his muscular arms, tilted his head back and opened his mouth wide to reveal a set of huge fangs.

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