Monday, August 21, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Getting up close and personal with a Kiwi icon

Kakapo EncounterNew Zealand's Stuff with more coverage of the ongoing Kakapo Encounter.
Kakapo minder Deidre Vercoe said Sirocco's health and safety were paramount and regular checks would be done to ensure he does not become stressed or unwell during the visits.

Hand-reared, Sirocco is not used in the kakapo breeding programme, allowing him to be used for the visits. He was deemed not genetically valuable as his father had sired around 40 percent of the known age population and it was important to have diversity in the breeding.

"It's a shame ... but he's really amazing for this sort of advocacy and to raise awareness with people," Miss Vercoe said.

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Mosher said...

September 4th... My meeting with Sirocco has been booked! And I just worked out how much it's costing me.