Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KOMODO DRAGONS - Feeding Faust Video

You'll probably need to be quick to get to the video, but ABC7 Chicago have a report and a video segment of feeding time at the Shedd Aquarium of Faust the Komodo Dragon.
Faust is the king of his new exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium-- but that doesn't mean he eats like a king. No gourmet meals for this 8' long and 140 pound monster-like lizard. His diet is frozen rats that have been thawed to a delectable tenderness.

"He's going to get four extra large rats. He gets fed once a week. Generally this is the amount we're giving. About a month and a half ago we did an exam on him and he had actually gained fifteen pounds. So we're cutting back ... we were giving him six," said James Clark, Faust's Keeper at Shedd Aquarium.
Hmmm, yummy... It's the "Four Rat "!

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