Thursday, December 01, 2005

MADAGASCAR - Preserving the Magic, MP3

This week's Living On Earth has a 30 minute segment on entitled Preserving The Magic. The segment is available as streaming audio or as an MP3 file for download to your MP3 player of choice.
PART 1: This week we present a special two- part report on Madagascar. This island nation off the southeast coast of Africa possesses the most numerous and rarest of animal and plant species on the planet. Producer Daniel Grossman visited the island to assess the conservation efforts underway to preserve Madagascar's unique ecosystem which is under intense pressure from deforestation.

PART 2: Our story on efforts to protect Madagascar's rich flora and fauna continues with a look at how scientists and farmers are working to develop new agricultural methods that allow farmers to make a living without cutting down any more of the island's forests. Daniel Grossman reports.
Thanks to George for this information.