Monday, December 12, 2005

KAKAPO PARROTS - Injured kakapo chick ready to go home

Good news from New Zealand's Stuff. Pounamu, the female kakapo chick that was savagely attacked in her pen by an older male was given the all-clear to return home today.
The Department of Conservation said the chick, named Pounamu, was attacked in her pen just days before she was due for release in September.

Pounamu, one of only 86(sic*) kakapo in the world, sustained serious injuries to her neck and beak, and had to be flown to Massey University's wildlife ward to be treated for her injuries.
* There's actually 87. We had 86 in 2004 before 3 died of an infection. 4 were successfully reared in 2005, bringing us up to 87.