Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MOUNTAIN GORILLAS - Gorilla on guard

On the Ugandan news website, The New Vision online has this article on a new mountain gorilla statue which now sits proudly outside the Uganda Wildlife Authority headquarters in Kampala.
The sculpture was unveiled by premier Apolo Nsibambi while commissioning the Kamwokya-based four-storeyed complex, named the Mt. Gorilla Nest, on Friday.

The 18"x12" bronze sculpture, is a representation of a silverbuck (a fully-grown adult male of a mountain gorilla species).

Designed by artist Bart Walter, the obelisk is a gift from the Washington-based African Wildlife Foundation to the people of Uganda "for their commitment to Mt. Gorilla Conservation and in recognition of their work of International Gorilla Conservation Programme."
In other Ugandan news, the People Daily Online has an article in the upsurge of Ugandan tourism dollars, many of it coming from eco-tourism. Endangered animals continue to be a big draw for tourists from all over the world.
The Ugandan government earned over 200 million US dollars in 2004 from the tourism sector, surpassing 113 million dollars in 2002, because of a remarkable increase of tourist arrivals in the east African country.

While commissioning the new Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) headquarters last Friday, Ugandan Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi said that tourism now is becoming the country's top foreign exchange earner.

According to a recent report issued by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank of the country, tourism arrivals in 2004 were recorded at 512,378, registering an increase of 68 percent over that in 2003. Most tourists were from Britain and the United States. There was also an increasing number of tourists from China, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands and other countries.

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