Saturday, July 02, 2005

MARK CARWARDINE - Excess Baggage

Broadcaster and writer Mark Carwardine, co-author of Last Chance To See also works as a marine tour leader. You can hear him talking about this side of his life, whale, shark and manatee watching on this week's episode of BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage (Tour Guides).

The vision of a tourist being sea-sick into a whale's blowhole, just before he "blew" is utterly priceless! Those poor people.

Presented by Sandi Toksvig, this episode is avilable to Listen Again, along with many previous editions of this always interesting travel related show. Check out the Highlights section in the right-column for the previous episodes. I very much enjoyed the Michael Palin, Ewen McGregor & Charlie Boorman ones.

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Until the BBC add this show to their podcasting line up, I "self-podcast" Excess Baggage by recording it with Replay Radio. Piece of cake.