Monday, March 30, 2009

Radio New Zealand - Kakapo Audios

Thanks to the ever dependable Dave Haddock for pointing out that Radio New Zealand has a couple of Kakapo Parrot related episodes of "Our Changing World" available to download as MP3 podcasts through their RSS feed.

OCW 2009-03-12: Kakapo Rediscovery and Frozen Sperm Bank
A kakapo is rediscovered after being missing for 21 years, and the Sperm Team create a frozen sperm bank
25 Kakapo Chicks have hatched with more to come!

OCW 2009-03-26: Science and Kakapo
Science plays an integral role in the Kakapo Recovery Programme, and evolutionary theory has proved a reality on the ground
The first of these programmes refers to the chance re-discovery of Ranji after 21 years. He's pictured on the programme main page here being fitted with a radio transmitter by Alison Ballance, Daryl Eason (centre) and discoverer Chris Birmingham.

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