Friday, March 06, 2009

Komodo Dragon Mauls Ranger

A Komodo Dragon ranger by the name of Main has been mauled when one of the lizards climbed up a ladder into his hut. has the brief story.
He screamed for help clutching the neck of the still-snapping reptile, said Daniel Ngongo, a Komodo National Park official.
Colleagues ran to his aid and used wooden sticks to force the dragon out of the hut on the island of Rinca.

Elsewhere on the web, here's a nice article by Benito Lopulalan on his visit to Flores, and the story of the dragons in general.
From the moment I arrived in Flores and told people I wanted to see the famous lizards, I began hearing stories.
It is impossible to know which, if any, of the stories are true. Still, they instilled in me a curiosity and respect for the creatures that continued to build as my boat from Flores landed on Rinca Island just as the sun was about to rise. Rinca is southwest of the more popular Komodo Island, but still inside the national park, and within 20 minutes a friend and I had our first encounter with a komodo dragon.

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