Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Son of Sinbad?

Optimism continues to grow for a bumper Kakapo breeding season. From the Southland Times...
Out of the 38 breeding-age females, five had mated so far. If more than 80 per cent mate then it could result in as many as 40 chicks.
The department was optimistic this season would bring some genetic diversity through Richard Henry's offspring. Richard Henry was the only surviving kakapo from Fiordland and, until this year, his sons, Sinbad and Gulliver, had not set themselves up a booming site or attracted a female.

Evidence indicates Sinbad has managed to do so and fingers were crossed Gulliver finds himself a mate soon too, she said.
And direct from the Kakapo Rangers themselves...

More Mating!
on the 12th January Nora mated with Lionel, Nora has not mated since 2002 so this is fantastic news.
The team on the island found mating sign in Sinbads bowl today! Sinbad is the son of Richard Henry, so he is genetically valuable. We are not sure who Sinbad mated with last night as both Cyndy and Kuihi turned up to visit him - time will tell!
The team has had to employ four new rangers this year to keep up with the developments...
This year we’ve employed four extra kakapo ranger staff to help us through the breeding season. Jason Malham, Ruth Cole, Phil Marsh and Jo Whitehead. The workload out here is ramping up so everyone is busy busy busy.
News flash! Errol just got back to the hut with the news that Nora has had a second mating with Lionel! Nest number two on the way…..!! Go Nora!!

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