Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fertile Kakapo Egg Found. First of Many?

The Otago Daily Times reports that at least one fertile Kakapo egg has been found on Codfish Island, with high hopes of more to come, and the distinct possibility of 100 Kakapo Parrots by year's end.
Lisa and a kakapo named Basil mated on Christmas night and their first chick was due in early February.

With conditions similar to 2002 when a record 24 chicks hatched, the Department of Conservation was hoping the small kakapo population would top 100.

Kakapo Recovery team leader Deidre Vercoe said with more females reaching breeding age and the level of rimu fruiting on the island, the breeding season could produce as many as 40 chicks.
Keep your fingers crossed everybody.

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