Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mountain Gorillas: New Official Website of the Virunga National Park

The official website of the Virunga National Park, which documents the work being done to protect the Mountain Gorillas, has moved to a new a brand new site at

The top story on the site right now is the recent re-sighting of a Silverback Gorilla called Buhanga who was spotted by Rangers near a patrol post in the Gorilla Sector. This was the first sighting in over 1 year, and was captured in this fabulous video...

For more videos, head over to the YouTube Channel.

Also, check out these charming pictures of baby mountain gorillas Ndeze and Ndakasi, who were orphaned when their mothers were shot and killed in June and July 2007.

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George Peterson said...

The park has actually been seized by rebels in the last few days. An email I just got today:

'After yesterday's heavy fighting the Gorilla Park HQ remains in the hands of the CNDP rebels, loyals to dissident General Laurent Nkunda. Our Rangers who fled are still trying to reach safety, but they are trapped in the forest, and cannot get out. There are 53 of them who are now disbursed into little groups after they got shot at. The forest is dense. It has now been 2 days that they have been walking. We now fear for their lives."

very sad and worrisome.

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