Friday, February 29, 2008

Fertile Kakapo Eggs for 2008 - Cracking News!

Hurray! For the first time since 2005, at least two fertile Kakapo eggs have been laid for this year's breeding season. has the exciting news. It feels like such a long time since I was able to report such news, and this blog was less than a year old at the time.
The breeding season of New Zealand’s most endangered bird, the kakapo, is off to a great start with at least two fertile eggs laid on Codfish Island and two female birds, previously thought to be too young, also laying eggs.

Conservation Minister Steve Chadwick says these are the first eggs laid by kakapo in three years, and it is hugely exciting that two six-year-old kakapo have laid eggs, because we previously thought the minimum breeding age was nine years.


jena said...

I would like to contact the illustrator of the wee green parrots used with the stories about the kakapo parrot.

Gareth said...

Please contact the Kakapo Recovery Program directly. I got special permission to use their pictures on my blog since I was linking back to their site many times and driving traffic their way.