Sunday, February 17, 2008

Code of the Kakapo in HD

ELWIN productions have a press release progress report on the film "Code of the Kakapo" currently in its third year of filming.
In a world first, Otago film company ELWIN Productions is using new High Definition technology to document a remarkable story following the struggle to bring the world’s rarest wild parrot back from the brink of extinction.
Filmmaker Scott Mouat says that the 90 minute feature-length film will be the first of its kind in both content and technology used.

“Although male Kakapo have been filmed before, no one has seen or filmed the act of mating. In a first, I have been given access to one of the males during the mating process. And, I’ve been loaned the only camera in the world that can capture this in high definition.”
The trailer (which we've featured before) can be seen here...
Distribution rights for the film are with Astronought so it looks like it will be easy to purchase.

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