Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stephen Fry's X-Rays, and he has podcasts coming...

Poor Stephen Fry has posted x-rays of his badly broken arm (a "spiral fracture of the right humerus") on the Stephen Fry blog. That's the best excuse for irregular blogging I've ever seen, much better than my recent laziness. Get well soon Stephen. Be prepared to set off every airport security alarm in the world. My plated leg sets them off EVERY time.
Quite a smash as you can see and it has taken me some time to recover both tissues and spirits.

Over the next month or so I continue the American documentary, filming my way up from New Orleans to the Great Lakes for Leg 3 which begins on the 3rd February.

I will be posting new blogs, both in audio podcast form and in traditional text blessay mode.
Now, that's cool! As much as I love the blessays, a Stephen Fry podcast is bound to be entertaining!

I notice "Richard Madely" commented on Stephen's post, and after following the link back to Madely's blog, you'll discover that Stephen has been staying with Richard and Judy for a while, and featuring in lots of Richard's posts. Interesting.

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Richard Madeley said...

Many thanks for the link. And thank you too for accepting my blog in an uncynical way, free of mockery. It's nice to know that some people recognise high quality reportage when they see it.