Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Raz the Aye-Aye Born at Bristol Zoo

Please welcome new born Aye-Aye lemur "Raz" to the world. Raz was born in captivity at Bristol Zoo about two months ago, and is being hand-reared by his keepers. Sky News has the story.
His name is short for Razafindranriatsimaniry - a Malagasy name meaning "son of a Prince or noble man who envies nobody".

One of his keepers, Caroline Brown, said: "We made the decision to hand rear this infant in advance of his birth because his mother has not had much success rearing her babies.

"So far he is doing well. He is gaining weight and seems strong. Aye ayes are quite slow developing babies and require an intensive feeding regime.
(Image from Sky News and Bristol Zoo Gardens)

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