Monday, June 11, 2007

Mountain Gorilla shot dead, execution style

In some dreadful news from the Democratic Republic of Congo, National park rangers are working to try and save a 2-month-old baby gorilla, which was found clinging to its dead mother. The adult gorilla had been shot through the back of the head, "execution style", most likely by Mai-Mai rebels. Full story at Reuters AlertNet.
"She's more or less OK. It is certainly a worrying situation, but not hopeless," Paulin Ngobobo, senior warden in eastern Congo's Virunga National Park, told Reuters from the city of Goma where he is looking after the female infant.
It was unclear who had killed the adult female or why. She had been killed "execution-style" in the back of the head and left at the scene rather than taken away to be eaten, said Emmanuel de Merode of conservation group Wildlife Direct.
"She was shot at very close range ... a second gorilla was probably shot because there was a trail of blood nearby and three gunshots were heard. The other was probably wounded and got away," he said.

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