Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kakapo Chicks Video (Auckland Point School)

Below you'll find a great video by Auckland Point School of their visit to see the Kakapo chicks in 2005. It was only recently posted on the GooTube, and is part of the school's marvellous "Kakapo Kids" website. The current Kakapo Kids are Monica, Emma and Perry, and I can't believe I never came across their site before! WELL DONE GUYS, oh, and Mr Martin too ;-)

But their site also bears the sad confirmation about a distinct lack of Kakapo breeding in 2007.
There have been no new kakapo chicks this breeding season, and it looks like there won't be any more until 2008!

There hasn't been enough Rimu fruit growing to get the female kakapos to mate, and that is one of the reasons that DOC has come up with the plan for an artificial insemination programme.
So here's hoping for a better Rimu crop next year.

Here's the video...

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