Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sirocco, Prince of Parrots

The New Zealand Herald has a rather nice report of by Dianne Blumhardt's trip to Ulva Island to meet Sirocco, one of the eighty-six Kakapo Parrots left in the world.
Despite his importance, Sirocco, who gave an audience in a special enclosure, attended by his minder Jo, was a very down-to-earth bird.
Owl-like, his whiskery face peered into the 14 faces all staring in at him.

Excited whispers came from everyone at once. "Here he comes ... Wow, he's big ... Look how friendly he is ... I bet those claws are sharp."

Sirocco's plumage of layered white, pale green and black looked soft and silky - good camouflage for this nocturnal ground-dwelling parrot.
Full story at the New Zealand Herald.

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