Thursday, May 03, 2007

Code of the Kakapo: Movie Trailer

No Tobey Maguire or Tom Hanks here, but the trailer for Elwin Production's film "Code of the Kakapo" is online at YouTube. Check out the gallery of stills too.
This film will follow the dramatic events that unfold as the recovery team battles to save the species.

We will follow the teams into Fiordland on the last great kakapo search and meet the men that rescued Richard Henry, we will follow them on a journey through the mountains as we search for any mainland survivors.

We will explore the world of genetics, led by the scientists who unravelled the kakapos genetic riddle, we will find out exactly what happens to a species on the brink of extinction and uncover a surprise among the Stewart Island males.

From the first successful attempts at extracting semen to the first artificially induced chick, we will stand beside these dedicated men and women as they do everything humanly possible to produce a new, healthy generation of kakapo.

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