Tuesday, October 31, 2006

LAST CHANCE TO BE - Jonathan Barratt heads for Ghana

In July 2006, Jonathan Barratt gave up his UK life of car and big TV to go and work for Voluntary Service Overseas. He leaves for Ghana on 26th Nov 2006, and will be recording a journal of his experiences at "...the change you want to see..." (LastChanceToBe.com). Yes, Jon's favourite book is Last Chance To See by Douglas Adams.

He is running a fundraiser, and has already raised £230.00 for the VSO.

Very best of luck Jon! I'll be adding a permanent link to your site very soon, and I will be following your adventures with interest.


Jonathan said...

Wow thanks for that! Feels nice to somehow be associated with your site.

I was trying to work out how to contact you to ask about your justgiving thermometer.

Do you update the link to the picture manually to represent how much you have raised? Or is there some way to do it which I can't work out. I have an RSS feed to a running total but only in text format.

Gareth said...

Yes Jonathan, I just update the thermometer manually. Does your use of the RSS feed mean that the text total on your site gets updated automatically? I looked at your code but couldn't see anything that would suggest that.

Jon said...

Hi Gareth

Yes it does it automatically. Wordpress has an RSS Widget which I point at the RSS feed. You can get yours from the bottom of your justgiving page but I don't know if Blogspot has a way to read this in a widget of some sort. If not you will have to make your own. You only get the amount in text though and I haven't found a way to update the thermometer.

(in your case it is http://www.justgiving.com/rss/getfundraisingpage.asp?eventgivinggroupid=475370)

Kind Regards