Monday, October 30, 2006

BLOG THEFT - AnotherChanceToSee is being stolen

I regret to inform my loyal readers that this Another Chance To See blog ( is being stolen and reformatted by an unknown Blogspot user in India. I have found two blogs that are using my template, republishing my full RSS feed and hotlinking to my webspace images. I have contacted Blogspot etc to report the violation, and get his accounts shutdown.

Please bear with me while I try and get this situation rectified. I will be making some image modifications to my webspace in the next day or so, so please stand by until normal service is resumed.

**UPDATE 1** (Monday)
The two offending sites have been removed, presumably by the perpetrator. I assume he saw that I was on to him. For the time being, I have truncated my RSS feed. Apologies for any inconvenience.

**UPDATE 2** (Monday)
I have received an email apology from the perpetrator. I consider the matter closed.

**UPDATE 3** (Wednesday)
This site is still receiving some strange traffic relating to this incident, but all relevant organizations have been notified of this atypical behaviour.


Mosher said...

Well done. Some thieving ******* ripped off one of my old web pages and republished it as his own a couple of years ago. He didn't respond to any emails and his comments were verified before publication so I couldn't put anything on the site.

It was a page about a band, so I contacted their lead singer - who very kindly said he liked the original stuff and pointed out that nobody rips off stuff unless it's worth ripping off - imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

I'd still like a little bit on the page to say I was the original author, but what the heck. There are more important things to worry about! Like sorting out travel to Indonesia either late November or in April next year to see the Komodo Dragons...

Roger B. said...

How bizarre!

Enno said...

I'm very sad to see the RSS feed truncated as a result of this. Is it possible to have that undone now that this is dealt with? Pleeease?

Gareth said...

I'll see Enno. I'm still monitoring.