Friday, March 31, 2006

STRUAN SUTHERLAND - 'If it hasn't killed him, just give him some more'

Here's the Sydney Morning Herald with an article on the dangers of funnel-web spiders, featuring a cameo from our favourite venom specialist from Douglas Adams' Last Chance To See...
IT WAS 11 o'clock on a muggy January night when a Sydney engineer, Gordon Wheatley, noticed that the light bulb in his dining room had blown.

"I decided to change the globe before going to bed but as I was doing it, I trod on something sharp, like a drawing pin going into my foot. I had socks on, no shoes and when I looked down, I realised I'd stepped on a spider." he told the Herald this week.
One, two, three shots of the antidote weren't enough to alleviate the pain, so they put in a call to Struan Sutherland... Full Story