Monday, February 13, 2006


Please support James Thrift as he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, in memory of his brother , to raise much needed funds for Save the Rhino.

To see the mountain he has to climb, and if you have Google Earth installed, here's the mountain for you in all its glory - Google Earth - Kilimanjaro. Use the Tilt and Rotate buttons to get a good look! If you don't have it, here's the Google Earth installation page.

Here's James' latest message...
Hi all

It's now just two weeks till the off for Rhino Climb Kilimanjaro 2006, and all the final preparations are in full swing.

Thankfully the recent spate of cold weather has enabled daily early morning treks to check out how well my kit will function, not to mention how well I will function. One benefit of living atop a large hill is that you don't have far to go to get plenty of uphill training, so I can normally get a good 1000ft under my belt before breakfast.

One cause for concern was the apparent reluctance of my nose to allow the passage of air at anything below -5ºC, a real problem when you're at 19,340 feet and -20ºC, but fingers crossed, I've got it sorted. High points have been the arrival of a fleece sleeping bag liner, you gotta get one of those, as well as the sudden realisation that I can at last march incessantly uphill for hours without losing the will to live.

Visit to find out more about this trip, why I'm doing it, and most importantly how you can sponsor me.

A huge thank you to all those have given their support so far in getting this once in a lifetime trip off the ground, I won't promise you all a postcard from the summit, but the wonders of modern technology may get you a picture the minute I get there!

Best wishes