Thursday, February 16, 2006


"Is the Human an Endangered Species?" by Professor Robert Winston

Thursday 23 March 2006, the Royal Geographic Society, London SW7

Save the Rhino International and the Environmental Investigation Agency are co-hosting the Fourth Memorial Lecture with a talk by Professor Robert Winston, on Thursday 23 March at the Royal Geographic Society in London SW7. In this talk, he will combine some of the apparently threatening aspects of technology and the trust, or lack of it, in science.

Lord Winston is one of the country’s best-known scientists. As Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College, University of London, and Director of NHS Research and Development and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Hammersmith Hospital, he has made advances in fertility medicine and been a leading voice in the debate on genetic engineering. His television series, including Your Life in Their Hands, Making Babies, The Human Body and The Human Mind and have made him a household name across Britain. He became a life peer in 1995.

The lecture is in aid of Save the Rhino International and the Environmental Investigation Agency, two charities supported by Douglas Adams. Douglas developed his deep-seated interest in wildlife conservation during a 1985 visit to Madagascar, which eventually resulted in a book (Last Chance to See) about the plight of species facing extinction. Douglas Adams died unexpectedly in 2001 at the age of 49. These Memorial Lectures continue to explore the themes in which Douglas was so interested.

For more details on this event go to this Save The Rhino Events page.
You can purchase tickets online @ £10.00

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nice blog here..mainly about animal conservation... I like that.. Wish I could lend a help in your efforts.. keep it up!!!

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thanks for keeping up what all we others let down, Gareth. cheers!
The Duke of Dunstable