Saturday, January 28, 2006

KOMODO DRAGONS - 10ft dragon is searching for love

Here's the Manchester Evening News with an article on an amorous Komodo Dragon arriving at Chester Zoo, looking for some cold-blooded red-hot luvvin'...
A FEARSOME-LOOKING 10ft dragon searching for love has arrived at Chester Zoo after a cross-channel dash from France.

Kimaan, a Komodo Dragon who normally lives at Thoiry Zoo just outside Paris, has made the trip to meet potential mates Flora and .

Komodo Dragons are meat-eating lizards with poisonous fangs (sic) and they can grow to a 18 feet in length. In the wild they eat pigs, deer, fish and even buffalo, using their long tongues to sniff out their prey.

Kevin Buley, curator of reptiles, said: "Kimaan has come over to find himself a mate and we hope that he will become friendly with one of our girls and breed.


Anonymous said...

Call me a pedant, but Komodo Dragons don't have poisonous fangs. They do, however, possess venom glands and do envenomate their prey.


Gareth said...

Well spotted. However, don't shoot the messenger.... I'll stick a (sic) in there!

Anonymous said...

They don't quite grow to 18 feet / 5.5 meter either.
Just over 3 meter or 10 feet is more like it.
(feels big enough when you're standing next to one though.. img001.html