Monday, January 30, 2006

KAKAPO PARROTS - Island home to treasury of wildlife

Here's New Zealand's Stuff again with an article on Maud Island and their sole Kakapo Parrot.
Each summer the Department of Conservation holds open days on Maud Island reserve in Pelorus Sound. Sonia O'Regan went along to visit this very special haven.

Despite being cleared and grazed for a century, Maud Island is free of predators.

A lot of effort - not to mention eggs - goes into ensuring that it remains a safe haven.
Another precious native on Maud Island is the kakapo. Bronwen says there's only one presently on the island and during the booming season he gets rather lonely.

'He ended up inside on our couch the other night,' she says.

Conservation workers are currently experimenting in taking sperm from the kakapo to potentially use artificial insemination as a tool to mix up the species' limited gene pool.

'You don't want to know how they do that,' Bronwen assures me.

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