Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MADAGASCAR - Sand Clod in the Sea

Simon, the blogger over at Seedcast has written a very powerful post on the fate befalling the island of Madagascar, entitled "Sand Clod in the Sea".
Madagascar, now, is a sand clod in the sea, which is slowly washing away, with very little of its once famous fauna and flora remaining. The decimation of the indigenous wildlife, including the virtually complete destruction of the country’s forests has led to mass erosion and the island is, quite literally, washing away.

On the Air Seychelles flight that returned us to South Africa earlier this month I looked out of the window to see a swollen, brown river-mouth washing into the Indian Ocean. The land around it was literally smouldering with fires burning the last of the organic matter on the surface while the waters sucked all the sand (because this is all that remains of the once lush forests) into the sea.

It looks horrible.
Please do read the full article where Simon also talks fondly of the book Last Chance To See.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Gareth.

You're doing amazing work on this site and one can only hope that with a dedicated blogging community raising awareness of global eco issues some change can be effected over the coming years.

It's too late for Madagascar - but there are other regions facing similar destruction that can still be saved.

Douglas Adams left us with an amazing (and, as usual, irreverent) piece of writing concerning these issues. A book which still deserves publicity today.

Anonymous said...


This week's living on earth show covers madagascar very well.

Love the site. I wish DNA was still with us.