Sunday, October 16, 2005

KAKAPO PARROTS - Back from the brink

The Deccan Herald reports on the Kakapo Parrot and the efforts being undertaken to save it from extinction by The Kakapo Recovery Programme.
The Kakapo Recovery Programme aims to establish at least one self-sustaining unmanaged population of Kakapo in a protected habitat and to establish two or more other populations, which may require ongoing management. To help save Kakapos, the team strives to maximise egg and chick survival by reducing mortality from predation, starvation, disease and poor parenting and to maintain and increase the breeding life of Kakapos. It also studies means to increase breeding frequency.

The team has left nothing to chance, being in charge of one of the world’s rarest birds and the Kakapo on Whenua Hou island are radio monitored 24/7 using specially fitted transmitters.