Sunday, October 30, 2005

BIRD FLU - Emergency escape plan for Kakapos?

The latest threat to Kakapos? Bird flu! Radio New Zealand has a brief snippet on the Department of Conservation's emergency plan to save the Kakapos from the deadly Bird Flu that is sweeping the globe!
DoC has revealed a birdflu emergency plan to airlift kakapo to subAntarctic Campbell Island.
Newstalk ZB has a short blurb on this bird flu story.


Anonymous said...

You should consider this.

What ever happened to rationality in the world. You have more chance of choking on a bacon sandwich (no disrespect Mama Cass) than getting bird flu.
Steve McKinlay

Anonymous said...

People might have a slim chance of getting the bird flu...
But I think bird's chances of getting it is a little higher...

Since kakapos don't eat bacon sandwiches, I think it's a good thing they're planning for this.

Gareth said...

If the DOC has contigency plans for this, then its important enough to warrant inclusion here.

As Ed says, its the Kakapos we're concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Related note..
Canada has found "a strain of H5 avian flu in 33 wild migratory ducks"

Not the killer H5N1 that human beings are concerned with, but one that birds should be...

Birds ARE getting these viruses all across the world, extremely important for New Zealand conservationists to be looking into it.