Wednesday, June 15, 2005

KOMODO DRAGONS - David Attenborough given Order of Merit

I've recently been relistening to David Attenborough's superb "Early Years" tapes, including the very wonderful "Zoo Quest For A Dragon". Here's an edited version of a previous post about the Zoo Quest books and tapes.
In 1956 David travelled to Komodo to make a film about the Komodo Dragon, and Whirligig TV have a page all about the resulting Zoo Quest For A Dragon. Whirligig gave me permission to allow you to download the video clip here (364k).

Buy Me From still has the audio book version of Zoo Quest For A Dragon available from Marketplace sellers. It's a great adventure and makes DELIGHTFUL audio entertainment. Highly recommended! There are several other books and tapes available in the series, and all are excellent.

Zoo Quest books and tapes are also available in the USA: Zoo Quest stuff at
I thought it was worth reposting that, because David Attenborough has been in the news recently. The BBC reports on the recent Order Of Merit bestowed on the much loved broadcaster by the Queen.
Sir David said he thought he had been chosen because he had reached "so many people through television".
This special award from the Queen is for people who have shown exceptional merit in learning, the arts, science, literature or the public services. It is restricted to 24 British members and entitles those who have been awarded it to use the letters OM after their names.

The broadcasting career of Sir David, 78, has spanned more than 50 years, with acclaimed series including The Living Planet, The Trials of Life and The Life of Mammals.

The 13-part series Life on Earth, written and presented by Sir David in 1978, was alone watched by an estimated 500 million people worldwide.