Saturday, June 11, 2005

AYE-AYE LEMURS - Get Stuffed

Came across this Flickr gallery which includes a visit to The Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum, Tring, Hertfordshire. I'm fairly sure I don't approve of the practice of stuffing animals, however, the photograph does give us a close up view of an Aye-Aye's grub-winkling twig like finger. The museum is part of the British Natural History Museum and does look well worth a visit.

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Anonymous said...

It is worth a visit!
I must go again soon as Tring is about 15 minutes drive from me.
The insect collection is awesome and among other things they havet a Coelacanth,Thylacine (Tasmainian Tiger) and fleas that have had tiny sets of clothes made for them. You have to look at them under a magnifying glass!